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Peak Lifeblood

Following the John Force Racing team to victory...





PEAK Stock Car Dream Challenge Winner, Christian PaHud, won his NASCAR debut at the K&N Pro Series West in Roseland, CA.

PBR BlueDEF Velocity Tour

Proffesional bull riders on the Blue Def team take the Buck N' Chute.

Girl's in the Game

Meet Susie, a proud Girl in the Game.

gyro Chicago: Bet on a good time!

gyro Chicago

Optiganally Yours - Held

Music video for the San Diego band Optiganally Yours

gyro Denver

Moonlight is Alright

Skateboarding (after 30)



Ford Fiesta Challenge - "Cousins"

Submitted and won a screenplay contest for a national short film initiative put on by the Ford Motor Company. Working budget was $5,000 that I had to allocate for the my screenplay that I directed.

Gyro Manifesto

"The gyro manifesto is the soul of gyro. The soul of the business." - Christoph Becker, ceo+cco

Pinback - Good to Sea

Music video for the San Diego rock band Pinback.

King Kobra - Secret Agent

A goof on 'bad' movies. Everything shot and acted is current but all of the audio is sourced from movies of the 80s.