Mike Finch

Professional Film/Commercial Director, Art Director, Writer; Creative Thinker.

I'm an extremely hardworking storyteller who is always looking for the best ideas possible to keep the work fresh and the quality high.

Iā€™m currently a video Art Director with SGK (Schawk) in Chicago. I was brought in to help build and lead an internal video production team to oversee the creation of video content for brands like Peapod, ConAgra, Amway, Kelloggs and more. I collaborate with creative directors and project managers to concept, produce, direct, edit and finalize video projects. I also Art Direct photo shoots and designs with great enjoyment.

The term Magicpantz refers to the ingredient every creative endeavor needs - magic. Making suspension of disbelief the most powerful tool in almost all of visual communication. I believe in the magic of filmmaking and will follow the artform my entire life.

I received a B.A. at Columbia College Chicago which lead me to finding my natural talent for filmmaking. Then with my work I gained a voice by translating my theories and ideals through my ideas and stories.

My mission in life is simple - create engaging and compelling films/videos of excellent quality that entertain and fill audiences across the globe with a sense of wonder and movie magic.

Director Statement
As a video producer/director/editor with 10+ years experience in the industry, I craft only excellent ideas and know how to executive them on time and within budget. I'm very passionate about true storytelling as it is my life's passion.