Mike Finch

Professional Film/Commercial Director, Art Director, Writer, Designer; Creative Thinker.

Mike is an extremely hardworking storyteller who is always on the lookout for the best ideas possible while keeping the content fresh and the quality high. Excellent storytelling goes without saying, high production values are indispensable.

The term Magicpantz refers to the ingredient every creative endeavor needs — that special level of magic to help sell the idea/concept to the viewer. The stuff that makes suspension of disbelief the most powerful tool in most visual communication.

Receiving a B.A. at Columbia College Chicago in Fine Arts (painting) and Visual Commutation, Mike was able to bring his bountiful creative ideas to fruition, especially with filmmaking, to audiences around the world. With his short films he gained the attention of festivals like The Chicago Underground, New York Underground, Sundance and others.

Within the past 10 years Mike landed in Advertising as an Art Director and commercial director, directing and producing videos, photo shoots and designs.

As director, producer and writer — Mike brainstorms only excellent ideas and knows how to executive them well, on time and within budget. All with a realistic outlook on the finished product while embracing a joyful attitude towards the fulfilling hard work.