- An essential ingredient in storytelling is magic.
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Mike Finch

Professional Film Director, Music Video Producer, Art Director, Writer, Designer & Creative Thinker.

I am an extremely hardworking storyteller who is always looking for the best ideas possible to keep the content fresh and the quality high.

The term Magicpantz refers to the ingredient every creative endeavor needs - magic. Making suspension of disbelief the most powerful tool in all of visual communication.

I received my B.A. at Columbia College Chicago as a painting and visual commutations major which lead me to finding my natural talent for filmmaking. With my work I then gained the attention of the Chicago Underground, New York Underground, Sundance and other festivals.

All of this landed me in Advertising as an Art Director, directing and producing videos, photo shoots and designs — where I work freelance between filmmaking.

As a director, producer, production studio — I brainstorm only excellent ideas and know how to executive them on time and within any budget.

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