All stories need a little Magic...

Mike Finch began a life of storytelling in the rock clubs of Chicago. He took to the stage with fringe comedy and ruckus art bands
to the delight of audiences locally and on tour. People liked what Finch was making and most seemed to notice that all of Mike's projects
had the same thing in common - the characters involved always had a backstory for the audience to invest in.

Then a natural progression was to tell stories through still images and later, with much love, in motion pictures. Eventually his short
films caught the attention of fans and festivals alike (Telluride, Sundance, Chicago Underground) and has landed him successfully in
the Advetising world; producing photo and video shoots with the same enthusiasm for telling fulfilling stories.

The word Magicpantz refers to the idea that a film, or any form of entertainment across the myriad of platforms, needs
but one simple ingredient to succeed - a bit of magic to help an audience believe.